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We welcome to Your EVENT..

†††††††††††† Now just let people know what it is and add youíre your new web page address for that event and thatís that.

†††††††††††† We will give you a FTP account so you can add your information and run your own site for the BIG EVENT.

†††††††††††† You can use Publisher, FrontPage, Dream Weaver, or download a FREE web building program but you will have to do it sorry. Its not that hard. We can help but thatís extra.†

See our help files.† ( Itís a sub domain that why its so cheap)

Plan ahead so you allow your web site to do some work.

† E.g six months lead time would be normal for a event so we will set your site up for that time for $20 PA

††† You can then do some flyers with the web address so if things change people can see. Or have lots more info on your site... Photoís, Music, Contacts, ETC.

We will give you five email addressís for the event as we know what is like.

E.g. is running now for 2009 see its simple.



To contact us:

E-mail:† we will give you one for the event

We do the same for Rock and roll bands,† Dance Schools, Rock ĎNí Roll DJís,† Shoes and Stuff just ask